Two-part coupon - vehicles up to 3,5t

Proof of payment of the road use charge is a 2-part coupon which can be bought at post offices, filling stations, border crossings and from motoring associations.

The two-part coupon consists of:

  • an adhesive vignette to be placed on the inside of the windscreen
  • a coupon which is to be kept on board the vehicle.

It is compulsory to fill in the registration number of the vehicle in the place indicated on both parts of the coupon.

Rates for 2019 (tariffs in CZK)
One year 1500
One month 440
10-days 310

Validity of the one year coupon for 2019 is till 31. January 2020.


A fine of up to CZK 5 000 must be paid on the spot for use of the toll road without the appropriate valid two-part vignette. Administrative proceedings can be initiated. In this case, the penalty may amount to CZK 500,00.