Our services

Detailed information about our services for foreign transporters can be obtained on request at following contacts:

Head of Service Dept.

Mr. Martin Cihelka, tel: +420 241 040 110, fax: +420 241 040 180; Web site

Booking of ferries and Eurotunnel

The Association is the exclusive representative of P&O Ferries for the Czech Republic.


Mrs. Pavlína Vnoučková, tel.: +420 241 040 135, fax: +420 241 040 146
Mrs. Ingrid Ouředníková, tel: +420 241 040 150, fax: +420 241 040 180


Sales of goods

Today sales of goods to transport operators ranks among the fundamental linchpins of the Association's portfolio. The offered assortment and related supplementary services support and multiply the strength and effectiveness of the product. A qualified team of employees, a strategically located network of regional branches and an assortment focused on hauliers and their everyday needs: those are currently the main competitive advantages.

  • legislation-based goods - especially the compulsory vehicle equipment (such as hazard warning tools, ropes, bulbs, first aid kits, high visibility vests, fire fighting equipment), tachograph disc, accompanying documents required for transport of loads, fixing equipment, compulsory truck signs, etc.
  • goods related to the nature of the carried load (for example fixing equipment, the whole assortment of ADR tools, insulating partitions, control aids)
  • goods increasing vehicle safety (highly visible materials, lighting, light beacons, anti-skid chains, etc.)
  • items designated for vehicles (small spare parts, batteries, tyres, water tanks, storage boxes, sunblinds, wheel caps, windshield wipers)
  • products focused on driver's work and increasing of his safety (aids, maps, navigators, protective clothes, spot lights, cabin equipment, energy food supplements, etc.)
  • goods focused on transport management (professional literature, maps and navigators, inspection aids, presentation tools, software, aids for training of employees).

Mr. Jan Chládek, tel: +420 241 040 132, fax: +420 241 040 180


VAT refunds

The Association provils transport companies with a comprehensive service encompassing the submission of application forms for the remund of VAT paid on purchases in all EU Member States.


Mr. Pavel Hrbotický, tel: +420 241 040 137, fax: +420 241 040 180