We also offer insurance, professional training and credit card...


Insurance ranks among dynamically growing fields since its inclusion to the Association's service portfolio and, thanks to co-operation with renown insurance brokers, it can not only flexibly react to the continuously increasing demands of the insurance product market but offer those services for very attractive prices. At the moment insurance policies can be taken out through all the Association's regional branches where all information required for the right choice of insurance products are available. The current offer includes all insurance types applicable to transport operators.


Offered insurance products and services:

  • Road hauliers liability insurance (CMR)
  • Third-party liability insurance, also for Russia
  • Accident insurance
  • Insurance of medical expences abroad
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Bus hauliers liability insurance
  • Legal assistance within settlement of claims from the third-party liability


Professional Training

The training center of ČESMAD Bohemia provides training to employees of transport companies on all levels. Since 1999, when the training center was established, the offer of educational services has been extended continuously. The "Courses, Training, Seminars" catalogue, published twice a year, regulary includes more than thirty various training topics, from general managerial courses to closely specialized seminars on up-to-date topics. The offer covers all position common in transport companies: drivers, technical staff, dispatchers, managing clerks, middle management and top management.


All the subjects included in the catalogue are provided to companies by the training center also in the form of "turnkey" training course, which is advantageous especially for bigger transport firms.


The training center offers "Complex Training Programme" to transport companies that deal with education of their employees systematically. As indicated by the programme´s name, it means complex provision of outsourced training services, including mapping of the training needs of the company, preparation of short-term and middle-term training plans and their implementation.


The training centre permanently tries to improve the level of the organised courses together with extension of the offer of educational activities. In view of that objective, modern training and presentation methods are applied during organisation of educational projects, naturally including advanced technology. Much attention is paid also to selection of trainers and their further professional growth.


ČESMAD Bohemia takes advantages of its membership in international organisations when providing professional training services. The training centre of ČESMAD Bohemia is an accredited centre of the IRU Academy and it has been a member of EuroTra, the European Transport Training Association, since 2001.


Credit cards for motorways and tunnels

The Association has been offering motorway and tunnel credit cards and providing services connected with their use since 2002. Credit cards for motorways and tunnels were included into the Association's portfolio as a completely new service for transport operators and in spite of that fact gained substantial popularity both among the Association members and non-member customers in a short time. Considerable attention is paid to continuous extension and improvement of the service.